Angela Bucci

NC State Department of Entomology

Personal/Education Background

Welcome to my personal site! My name is Angela Bucci, and I am a PhD student in Dr. Coby Schal's lab at NC State. I was born and raised in the Greater Baltimore area and am probably the proudest Marylander you will ever meet! I attended Loyola University Maryland from 2007-2011 and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS degree in Biology. From there, I began my PhD work at NC State. You will find my focus areas and experience below.  


Research Focus

In a broad sense, my focus encompasses the ecology of insect succession. My research combines my interest in forensic entomology with the Schal lab's chemical ecology expertise. I am interested primarily in the pre-colonization period and the decomposition odors which attract forensically significant insects.


· Entomological Society of America

· Entomology Graduate Student Association

· William M. Keck Center for Behavioral Biology(NCSU)

· Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Society, member and President

· Tri-Beta National Biological Honor Society, member and President

· Loyola University Pre-Health Program

· Health Advisory Board

· Loyola University Women’s Pre-Health Society



NC State:

· National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

· North Carolina State University Entomology  Department Teaching Fellowship

· University Graduate Fellowship (NCSU) 2011-2012

Loyola University MD:

· Federal SMART Grant (Year 3)

· Loyola Grant

· Federal Pell Grant

· Maryland Educational Assistance Grant

· Federal Supplemental Grant

· Federal ACG Grant (Year 1)

· Dean’s List (Years 1,2,3,4)

· Maryland Distinguished Scholar Award and Scholarship

· Baltimore Archdiocesan Distinctive Scholar Award

· Knott Scholar

· Joseph A, Sellinger, S.J. Scholarship recipient

· Presidential Scholarship recipient

· Loyola College Modern Language Department Italian Award Winner (two times)

Teaching and Volunteer Experience

Classes Taught: 

· ENT 110 General Entomology (class lectures + 1 lab section) (Fall 2012)

Teaching Workshops:

· FIT Workshop: Introduction to Teaching

· FIT Workshop: Learning Styles

· FIT Workshop: Effective Questioning Strategies

· FIT Workshop: Establishing Credibility andAuthority in the Classroom


· Entomology demonstration at NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Alumni Tailgate (2012)

· Biodiversity Lab volunteer, Nature ResearchCenter Grand Opening Celebration, Raleigh, NC (2012)

· Science Fair Judge, Fred A. Olds ElementarySchool, Raleigh, NC (2012)

· Judge, 4-H Fair, Athens Drive High School, Raleigh, NC 2012

· BugFest, Raleigh, NC (2011, 2012)

· Entomology demonstration at St. Mary MagdaleneSchool, Apex, NC (2011)

· Entomology demonstration at Bass Lake Festival,Holly Springs, NC (2011)

· Science Fair Judge, Fred Olds Elementary,Raleigh, NC (2012)

· Biology Tutor, Loyola University MD (2009-2011)

· Tri-Beta Halloween Food Drive Coordinator (2009, 2010)

Guest Lectures

· Guest reviewer, ENT 791 Grant Writing (October2012)


· “Necrophilous insect succession and sampling on fetal pig” 2012 Entomological Society of America 10 minute student competition presentation, Knoxville, TN

Laboratory Skills/Techniques

· Chemical Ecology: gas chromatography; gas chromatography-electroantennographic detection (GC-EAD); insect cuticular hydrocarbon extraction

· Entomology: Insect dissection (digestive, nervous,reproductive systems); maggot rearing (Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae)

· Medical: Surgical cutting on deceased (brain and duramater removal, organ block removal, infant spinal cord removal, opening of chest cavity and skull); fluid collection (blood, bile, vitreous, urine,cerebrospinal); sphenoid sinus opening; x-ray processing; bullet removal; facial reconstruction for photographic documentation/identification purposes; blood card preparation; organ replacement and body closing; handling precautions for infectious diseases; handling precautions for decomposing bodies

· Microbiology: Cell culture; gram stain, endospore stain, acid-fast stain; streaking for isolation

· General: Microscopy: light and dissecting; Western Blot